The Most Common Mistakes In Flower Care

Flower lovers that have flowers in their home, often unwittingly, make big mistakes. Many cyclamen, primula, begonias, ficus and other plants died due to excessive “attention” . The basic and most common mistake is intemperance, primarily in watering flowers. The potted flowers in your home are the most common ones to feel the consequences of this action, which are totally dependent on human care.

In summer time, when the plants are in full vegetation, when the temperature in the air increases high and the air becomes dry, the flowers in the room very often get too little water. Especially when there are summer vacations, many people are comforted that plants in nature are subjected to much more severe disasters.

However, we tend to forget that cultivation of flowers in a pot is artificial and violent method. Because of that in many cases the plant in the home, despite all the attention doesn’t thrive, and when you put it outside, after a certain time it is recovering and growing. This means that the plant in nature has found more favorable conditions for self-development.

In winter, we often tend to go to the other extreme. Outside is very cold, so people are much more at home and then express all their care to flowers with excessive watering. But many plants in winter need rest, so they can not spend as much water as they are receiving. That is why they may start to wither.

Great heat causes luxuriant growth, but the young twigs and leaves are brittle due to lack of sufficient light and fresh air, and thus become victims of pests and diseases.

Here are some tips on how to treat your plants:

  1. Divide all your house plants into two groups: the flowers that does not tolerate high temperature through the winter and the flowers that submits such temperatures. Cold or tepid rooms are designed for most cactuses, cyclamen, primula and Amaryllis; warm rooms for begonias, asparagus, silversword Palms and Ficus trees.
  2. Whether in hot or cold room, all the plants need more light and enough fresh air.
  3. Drafts and sudden temperature change harms plants. It is not good pots to stand directly on the board in front of the window where it is always cold air currents. During ventilation, the stall with flowers should be removed from the window or cover it with paper.
  4. Flowers should not be placed near the stove or radiator, or a heating source of any kind.
  5. In winter, the potted plants shouldn’t be watered when the soil is still moist.
  6. The flowers should never be watered with cold water. The water temperature should be equal to room temperature. It is recommended after each watering to fill the bucket of water and leave it near the flower to the next watering. That way the water is going to be heated gradually.
  7. The plants in a cold room should be watered rarely. In regularly heated room they should be watered once a week and in the cold room two or three times a month is enough.
  8. When the weather is overcast, the flowers need less watering, and when it is sunny they need more.
  9. Plants that grow or bloom should be watered more abundantly.
  10. When watering, you should make sure not to pour the water in the middle of the pot, but close to its edges. If the ground leaves of a plant are blanketing the soil with the other hand you have to collect them before pouring, because it is these plants in mid wither.
  11. Plants like to be clean, so often you should wash the leaves with lukewarm water.


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