Types Of Gardens – Which One Would You Choose?

The garden is a kind of continuation of the house. The arrangement of the garden depends on the tastes and affinities. The atmosphere, the tradition and the culture of living in certain regions of the world also make an impact on the layout of the garden. Here, we are going to show you some types of gardens: English, French, Japanese and Mediterranean garden. You can use the ideas that you like, and incorporate them in your own home.

English garden

The English type of garden has a hint of informality. Although, at first glance it seems spontaneous, the arrangement is well planned. The garden is full of flowers of different texture and shape, and the middle of the garden is usually a green area or a pond. Winding roads, a hillock, colorful pots or an overgrown fence or walls with flowers and green leaves are the typical elements of the English garden.

French garden

French gardens are gardens with strict geometric forms, with lavish style and expressed symmetry. An integral part of the gardens of this type are the arbor walks, orchards, lawns, and often even fountains .

For those who like neatness and creativity, and have enough time to devote to their garden, the French type is definitely an appropriate choice.

Japanese garden

The elegance, the attractiveness, the particularly calming effect that gives you are the things that make the Japanese garden choice of many fans of garden refurbishment..

The emphasis in classical Japanese garden is on the nature and blending in with nature. Unlike the strict geometric forms in the French, Japanese gardens abound with stone, bamboo, pines and moss. Also, this gardens are complemented by the quiet murmur of the water.

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Mediterranean garden

This type of garden unites plants and architecture. Despite the inevitable aromatic plants, spices, olives and tomatoes, in these gardens you can find a large terracotta bowl or bench for you to sit and relax in the sun.

Although these garden are not known for they bright colors, such as English, their magic is in the shades of green and brown. As a type of garden, the Mediterranean is very easy to maintain.

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