Why Are Your Orchids Not Blooming? Try These Tricks And You Will Be Surprised

In this article we are going to talk about why your orchid doesn’t bloom and how can you fix that. The average blooming period for the phalaenopsis orchid is 3 months. Usually it blooms two or three times a year.

The pause between the periods of blooming can be delayed for a couple of months. If you want to enjoy longer in the beauty of the flowers here are some tips and tricks to achieve that.

How to influence the orchid to bloom

  • Create a temperature shock – during the night you can put the plant in a cold room (about 15 °C);
  • Reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. Phosphorus should have the advantage, because in fact, it stimulates flowering;
  • Try to keep the air around the plant moist;
  • Move the pot with the orchid in a dark place for five days. In about two or three weeks you should be able to see the orchid developing buds. This method is suitable only for adult and healthy plants.
  • Instead of watering, it is recommended that you put a couple of ice cubes in the pot with the orchid, so it will blossom much quickly;
  • If you notice that the non-blooming orchids are actively growing roots or leaves, that is a sign of the appropriate development. While this period is completed, the plant will not bloom. Be patient.

The most important thing is – provide the plant the appropriate care. Orchids need a lot of light, and are not suitable in places with excessive moisture.

During the flowering period you should water it a little bit, twice a week, and during the period of rest – once a week is enough.