3 DIY Self Watering Ideas For The Garden Perfect When You Are Going On A Holiday

If you are preparing to go out of town and you are worried about the well being of your plants, but you don’t want to bother your neighbors  here are some suggestions for self-watering that will keep your mind at ease while you are away.

Wine bottle watering

Utilize some of your extra wine bottles for something helpful, for example, keeping your plants alive. For this trial, you will require an empty red wine bottle or another glass bottle with a thin neck.

First, fill the bottle with water. Stand next to the pot, turn over the bottle and push it down with its neck directly into the soil. Push it down ideal to the center of the planter. Check if the neck is at least two or three inches underground. That way, the water from the bottle will saturate the soil for a few days and it will keep the soil evenly moisturized.

Plastic bottle

This time you will need a plastic bottle. A soda bottle will work best for a bigger container, or if you have a sensitive plant in the ground that requires steady watering. You require an empty, clean two-liter plastic bottle.

After you’ve rinsed it off, cut the neck off and you will be able to fill the top opening with water . You can also cut the bottom of the bottle and turn it upside down. At that point, the cut-open base turns into the “neck”. Next, punch or slice little openings through the body of your bottle. Now all you have to do is prepare the soil also.

Dig a big hole, enough to bury the bottle in the ground. You can cover it in either the center of the planter or alongside the root that is in ground. Put the bottle in the ground, and cover it with soil up to the open neck. Then fill the bottle with water.

This way, the water will water the plant through the holes slowly.

Commercially bought technique

The Nanny stakes will help you with having something where you can embed the bottle neck. In addition, they will give the weaker plastic bottle incredible quality when you need to push it deep into the ground.

Regardless of the type of self-watering you choose, your plants will receive the perfect amount of water while you are not at home. However, try to do a test before you go, just to make sure everything is working properly.

Source: www.dietoflife.com


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