How To Take Care For Your Cactus

Cactuses are plants that belong to the family Cactaceae, persist in areas of the world with the most severe climatic conditions. Barbed perennials perfectly oppose drought thanks to juicy and fleshy tissue. Most are geographically spread on the American continent, Mexico, to Chile .Today, there are about 120 genera of cactus with several hundred species. Read More…

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Care For Your Succulents

They have the ability to retain water in their leaves, stem or root for a longer period. Many succulents have a waxy coating on their stems and leaves, which helps them to preserve moisture. They are very flexible on tropical weather, because they come from the central part of America, Africa, India, Madagascar … Most Read More…

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The Best Plants For Gardens With Gravel

The beds with gravel should be watered very rarely, because water retention is a major enemy of the plants. Catnip Among short perennial plants suitable for growing in beds of gravel is particularly suitable catnip (Nepeta cataria). This is a plant with gray-green leaves and very pleasant aroma. From June to September you can see pink or blue flowers. After the Read More…


Decorating a Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean garden is known for its romantic elements which are characteristic of Italy and Spain, the simple design and great attention to details in the decorations. It has an abundance of plants with soft, bright colors, full of leaves, natural stone with pale shades, terracotta, brick ramshackle appearance and moss. These materials are used to make walls, ponds Read More…

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Grafting Peppers

The technology or process of grafting peppers is not much different from other connections. Usually, it is done simultaneously. Grafted peppers possess high tolerance to diseases and pests. After sowing, the substrates are sowed in containers, and the graft branches in crates (very densely).  The grafting can begin after 4 to 6 leaves are developed and the Read More…