14 Plants That Should Always Be Grown Together In The Garden

Do you want to make a mini garden that will flourish until the summer and will beautify the look of your home? You should know that for certain plants, the best choice is to plant them in a pair.

Some of them need to grow together because one will provide the shadow the other needs, others because they will gather insects or chase them… Whatever the reason, these plants should always be planted in pairs:

Cabbage and Cleomenes

Cleomenes holds shadow for the cabbages.

Corn and Beans

Beans attract the insects, so they protect the corn.

Melon and Marigold

Marigold expels worms that can live as parasites on the melons.

Rose and Garlic

Garlic expels parasites, worms, ants and snails from roses.

Cucumbers and Nasturtium

This type of flowers are chasing off the spiders and bugs that can damage the cucumbers.

Potatoes and Lobularia

The flowers keep of the beetles away from the potatoes.

Cauliflower and Zinnia

The ladybugs love the nectar of zinnia.Also, they deliver beneficial ingredients to the cauliflower.

Everything is better in pairs, don’t you think?

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