How To Plant A Lemon Tree In A Glass?

All you need are some lemon seeds and well-draining potting soil.

1. Select the largest lemon seeds and clean them from their external cuticle.

2. Put the seeds in a glass and pour water over them. Leave them like this for 6-7 days, however you’ll have to change the water every day.

3. At the bottom of the glass or the small pot put a few little stones, and then add moist soil. Then, put the seeds in the ground with the pointy end down and leave a space of 5 mm in between them.

4. Then cover the seeds with coarse sand or gravel.

5. Spray the surface with water every 2-3 days in order to promote growth. For 7-8 days you should already be able to see the first stalks.

6. After 3-5 months, when the stems grow up, select the most beautiful and the strongest ones, and replant them in a larger pot. In order to grow fruit, the tree must regularly be grafted and given the proper care.