10 Most Recommended Plants For A Tropical Garden

1. Pride of Barbados (Caselpina Pulcherima) – Each bloom has five ostentatious petals with extremely noticeable six inch long stamens. Pride of Barbados is extremely solid and blossoms consistently. This plant needs full sun, good drainage and basic to acidic soil.


2. Oleander (Nerium Oleander) – It is an evergreen bush (or little tree) that develops to around 6 m. A sticky latex is oozed if the stem is cut. The leaves are often in gatherings of three while the blossoms are tubular with five lobes. The poisonous nature of oleander has one advantage – slow insecticidal action against sugarcane bug and citrus leafminer.

3. Climber (Bougainvillea) – Without regular light pruning and preparing, it is at danger of running wild, so if you don’t have the required time on your hands, it is best to avoid them. This plant is beautiful, but needs a lot of attention. The fact that they are climber is the reason they deliver such thick stems with substantial thorns that hook into things as they reach towards the light. They require no less than six hours of daylight a day to deliver the flowers.

4. Climber (Clerodendrum) –  It has an exceptionally bountiful blossoming propensity. Clerodendrum is normally planted against wall over passages and columns. These wonderful bushes appreciate developing in sun and they favor rich, loamy soils that drain well.Prune them regularly. To guarantee productive flowering, add some plant food or water soluble fertilizer with high potassium content each month.If your clerodendrum doesn’t blossom, this is probably because it isn’t getting enough light. Try moving it.

5. Croton (Codiaeum Variegatum) It is a woody-based perennial that normally develops to 6 feet tall. it has a poisonous sap. It’s not something to fear, however you have to play it safe. Keep croton far from kids and pets and wear gloves while taking care of it.

6. Paper Gardenia  (Tabernaemontana) – is an expansive evergreen bush. It can be developed in full or incomplete shade however in order to accomplish the shape you would like, you have to slightly prune the plant. The quick development rate makes a perfect choice if you are just starting with your garden. If your garden is shady, it is no problem for this plant as it gives structure and shape to it.

7. Mickey mouse plant (Ochna serrulata) – the black beautiful berries that resemble the face of Mickey Mouse are the reason behind its name. This plant draws in butterflies and honey bees to your garden. It is a carnival shrub, small, semi-evergreen and reaches mature heights of 3 to 8 feet. The seed might be toxic, so keep that in mind and be cautious if you have kids or pets.

8. Single Red Ixora Bright Red flowers (Ixora Javanica) – It is flowering throughout the year. This bush develops best in full sun yet it can endure light shade.You should prune this bush yearly to keep it in shape and encourage blooming. It is excellent for container growing also.

9. Cabbage Tree (Cordyline Fruticosa) –  it develops as a bush or little tree up to 10 feet tall. This plant likes partial shade to full sun. If you keep it out in the sun, you should take care to water it regularly.

10. Hibiscus –  they develop tall (and delightful) and are much more resistant to disease. If you are growing your hibiscus in a container, ensure you give your plant no less than six hours of sunlight. However, sunlight doesn’t really mean excessively hot, you might need to give shade to the plants when it’s really hot in the afternoon.