Vertical Gardening – Green Architecture

Vertical landscaping is non-standard and original way to make an interesting effect on the building facade or interior walls. Vertical gardening can improve living conditions and they are one of the most rational ideas of filling the space with greenery.

Such design of buildings can be seen in France, Spain and the United States. The most famous designer and inventor of vertical gardens is the French botanist Patrick Blanc, who has created the most vivid vertical gardens in Europe.


It is not simple to make a vertical garden. First, you have to build special structures that are glued special modules, made of specially bred plants. Those modules contain special light soil and plants. A very important thing for vertical gardening is to be careful with the system of irrigation. This is why automated irrigation systems are commonly used. Another important point is the structure. It has to be strong enough, because the vertical gardens weigh a lot, especially after watering.

These practical creations that are breathtaking, are not only allowing greenery where the small space does not allow a normal looking garden, but also are a great way to beautify the space.

These gardens are bordering from simply serve as a decoration to totally functional gardens in places where there is little oxygen and space. Besides the aesthetic effect of the vertical gardens, the greenery has another benefit. In buildings with vertical gardens is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and certainly has a better sound insulation.


See how in most parts of the world these majestic gardens look, and feel free to steal an idea that you can do in your home or office.