Wooden Pallets – Ideal For Garden Decoration

Imagine pots, chairs, small garden benches, and even awnings made of beautiful simple wooden pallets …
Pallets covered with beautiful greenery and flowers can be part of your plan for horticultural landscaping of your yard. Everything you need is to think of how to incorporate wooden pallets in your design as an original way of recycling.

Wooden pallets are easy to assemble and are used in many projects for recycling. Find some old or buy new pallets in a hardware store. Most stores use pallets for transporting goods, and throw them away after. If you are able to obtain such free of charge, use it wisely.

Start preparing for your project. To get the palette perfectly smooth, use sandpaper to smooth the sharp edges and surface.
If you plan to plant flowers in the palette, then fill it with soil and plant several types of flowers in different colors. They can be used as a flat pots, but can serve as shelves for your pots. You just need to paint them and you’ll have a colorful, decorative peace in no time.

The pallets can be used for other purposes. You can even make a fence in front of your house from wooden pallets, in which you can plant flowers, make a bench, a wall even…
Be creative and get your feet wet. It is easy and simple and it just takes a little bit of imagination and free time. Browse these photographs and ideas to encourage you to attempt to do the work … Enjoy


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