How To Grow A Banana Tree In A Pot

Do you know you can grow a banana tree even if you don’t live in an area with tropical climate? The tree may never produce fruits, but it will certainly be a beautiful addition to your garden. The dwarf varieties of banana tree (they grow only up to 1.5 m to 4 m. (4 to 12 feet) tall), are very good for container gardening.

These are: dwarf red, dwarf cavendish, dwarf brazilian, dwarf jamaican, rajapuri, williams hybrid, gran nain or dwarf ‘lady finger’. But if you want to try some of the more ornamental varieties, you should go with ensete ventricosum, musa sikkimensis ‘red tiger’ or musa ornata.

These are the requirements for proper care for a banana tree


Banana trees incline toward well-draining and sandy soil that is rich in natural matters and manure. You can purchase a decent quality potting mix for your banana tree or make it yourselves by mixing perlite, sand and compost or manure.

Banana likewise needs somewhat acidic to neutral soil to create potassium rich nutritious bananas. The soil pH should be about 6 – 7. If your soil is alkaline, add some sulfur to decrease the pH.


Water it routinely and profoundly however you should never overwater. Water it consistently one to two times each day in hot climate or when it is root bound and diminish watering in winter.


Banana trees love full sun, warmth and humidity, so you should keep it somewhere it will get the most sun, and yet it will be ideally shielded from the wind.

Here is a video on how to grow a banana tree from seed.

Video – Mr Eastcoastman YouTube Channel