Fast, Easy And Interesting Ways To Beautify Your Garden

Gardens can be a real escape from reality, a place to escape from everyday problems and stress. It is therefore worth the effort and turn it into a small paradise.

With these tips it will be not only possible, but also fast, easy and interesting.

1. Create labels from old spoons

Using a hammer, carefully straighten the old spoons, so you can use them to write the name of the plant, glue a picture etc. Also, you can dye them or otherwise decorate them. Great idea, right?

2. Use plastic forks to secure the garden

If you have unwanted visitors such as pets, stick the plastic forks in the ground next to the plants so that the tines are facing upwards. This will make them go away. Keep the forks in place until your pets get the message.

3. Your plants should always have enough water

Use the old bottles that you can fill with water and have them sticked upside down in the ground next to plants. This way your plants will have sufficient water at all times, which is essential for proper growth and development.

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4. Use a muffin try as your planting guide

The most common muffin tray which you use to make tasty dessert, it can also be used in the garden! It can be a great guide for sowing and planting plants. Simply push it in the soil and the dents will show you where you can place the seeds or plants to achieve correct distance.

5. Don’t throw away the old cans! Use them as pots

You can use old cans to plant the seedling. For example, you can decorate them by repainting them and write on them the name of the plants that you plant. It will be a superb decoration and practical addition to your garden.


6. Use plastic bottles as pots

If you have limited space, the old bottles can be great for potting plants. You can attach them to the wall, hang them as hanging flower pots, etc. Create a beautiful vertical garden.

7. Use old colander as a pot

Rather than throw away old colander, you can use it as a pot.

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