5 Terrace Flowers That Are The Easiest To Maintain

Nothing beautifies  the terrace or balcony as flowers. Although, we would gladly have only orchids on the terrace, we still want a cheaper and easier, durable alternative. To help in the selection and maintenance, we will suggest 5 types of flowers which are the easiest to maintain:

1. Marigold

You can plant them in any type of soil, they will thrive. They last all summer and come in shades of yellow and orange. Marigolds are best grown in the penumbra, with occasional vitamin fertilization and regularly removing the dead flowers.

2. Geranium

Another resistant flower that actually looks very delicate. For growth, it needs sun, but not direct sunlight. It is important to fertilize it and clean the dead flowers. Requires regular watering.

3. Petunia

Probably the most famous terrace flower with the most striking and beautiful colors. It requires penumbra and humus. Because of the delicate flowers, it must be protected from drafts and wind. In the second part of the summer, you can cut the plant about 8 inches above the ground, fertilize it, and expect it to blossom again in fall.

4. Violets

There are many types and varieties that differ only in color and size of the flower. The maintenance is the same – any kind of soil you can place them just about anywhere. The only thing bothering violets are high temperatures.

5. Begonia

These lush flowers need the dappled shade or mild sun, along with nourishing for fresher look.