How To Grow A Pineapple In A Pot

Have you ever thought about planting a delicious and beautiful tropical fruit such as pineapple in your home? It is much simpler than you might think, so don’t wait and start immediately.

To plant a pineapple you do not need any particular seed, you only need a regular fresh pineapple which you bought in the store and detailed instructions.

Take the pineapple and pluck the green top by simply twisting it with your hands. The goal is to just pluck the green leaves with a little fruit on top.

Then, using a knife remove the remaining fruit and peel the first layer of small brownish leaves that are at the very bottom. After that, take down the first layer of small green leaves to uncover more roots. Peel another layer of leaves so that there are more roots visible.


After that, put the pineapple in a glass of water, but just the tip should be in water. Put the glass by the window or somewhere there is lot of sunlight and wait for the process of germination to take place, however it will take several weeks for new roots to develop. Be patient and don’t give up! If necessary, in the meantime you can peel an additional layer of green foliage.

When the new sprouts emerge, plant the pineapple plant in a pot with soil, place it in a nice sunny spot and you should water it about once a week. If you see that the soil is very dry, water it more often.

You should know that it may take years until you can enjoy its first fruit which will not be anywhere near the size of what you buy in the store. However, until then you will have a beautiful ornamental plant in your home.