How To Water Plants In Containers

Water is basic for plants. However, now and then we can water them excessively or too little, and both of these mistakes can kill the plants.

Too much water

It is normal to demonstrate your affection for plants by watering them too often. In the event that this is the thing that you are doing, you must stop. When watering, the supplements in the soil dissolve in the water and plants take up with solution.

If you water excessively, you are draining out the supplements in the soil, by that, you are making the soil extremely poor. Also, watering the plants excessively leaves the soil with less oxygen making the roots stifle and choke.

Too little water

There are different reasons why plants don’t get enough water.

1. You don’t water them

There is no reason for not watering the plants. If you are excessively occupied, making it impossible to water your plants, be keen and setup a automated water system. There are timers that are very simple to use that will do the work for you. But the best you could do is to invest some time watering the plants, you will truly appreciate it.

2. You water them just on the top

You have to follow the rule – water the plant until water starts to drain from the bottom of the pot. Furthermore, don’t water the plants utilizing a fine sprayer. It is too fine and it won’t wet the soil completely.

3. Potting medium is so coarse

Some potting media are extremely coarse and they are intended to be that way. For plants like orchids, desert flora and succulents and so on, the potting mix is so unique and they are intended to not hold water. Utilizing such a blend for developing vegetables will achieve the containers to stay dry constantly. Choose the right potting mix for your plants.

4. False drainage

This is often found in containers with soil that gets hard and compacted after some time. They turn out to be compact to the point that they make a space between the inward surface of the container and the soil itself. This way, whenever you water the plants, the water will come directly through the sides straight to the base without wetting the soil. Make sure that the soil is watered properly.

How much to water the plants?

Water the plants just enough to see the water coming out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the container. When you bye your pots, ensure there is at least one drainage hole in the bottom of the container. If there is not, you have to make at least one before you start planting.

Here are some of the symptoms that you are watering too much: stunted growth, yellowing of the leaves, root rot, too much algae formation on the soil and the soil is always too wet.

How often to water the plants?

Every day watering is basic yet it additionally relies on upon where you live.   To know whether to water or not, stick your finger in the soil about couple of inches deep and if you feel the soil is wet, then you don’t have to water that day. Also, it depends on the plant itself.

The most important rules  in plant care are: water the root zone, water only when needed but do it thoroughly, water in the mornings, and mulch the soil surface to avoid evaporation.

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