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Wooden Pallets – Ideal For Garden Decoration

Imagine pots, chairs, small garden benches, and even awnings made of beautiful simple wooden pallets … Pallets covered with beautiful greenery and flowers can be part of your plan for horticultural landscaping of your yard. Everything you need is to think of how to incorporate wooden pallets in your design as an original way of recycling. Read More…

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A Simple Trick For Richer And Longer Flowering Of Your Potted Flowers

Each potted flower it needs extra feeding, especially in the vegetative period and the period of flowering. But did you know that ordinary yeast is incredibly useful for that purpose? Yeast can cause increased growth and flourishing even in the most hopeless plants. Phytohormone, B group vitamins and auxin (plant hormones), which are located within the yeast actively Read More…


10 Powerful Herbs & Spices That Eliminate Pain Fast

Cloves Cloves are a traditional solution for toothache or any mouth pain because of their pain relieving and antibacterial properties– which originates from the presence of a compound called eugenol. In a study looking at the numbing impact of clove gel and benzocaine was discovered that both of them numb the gums. Cloves were also Read More…

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14 Plants That Should Always Be Grown Together In The Garden – Part II

These plants should be planted in pairs: Tomatoes and Cabbage Tomatoes are repellent to diamondback moth hatchlings, which are caterpillars that bite extensive openings in cabbage leaves. Peppers and Pigweed Leafminers favored both pigweed and ragweed to pepper plants in a study at the Coastal Plains Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. Simply make sure to expel Read More…


Bonsai – Beautiful Miniature Art

Bonsai is the art of aesthetic miniature trees by growing them in containers. The Japanese term bonsai literally  means “planted in a container.” This way, it can be created almost any type of tree or shrub. These are plants that are stunted, but have kept their shape. Some tree species are better suited for growing Read More…


10 Most Recommended Plants For A Tropical Garden

1. Pride of Barbados (Caselpina Pulcherima) – Each bloom has five ostentatious petals with extremely noticeable six inch long stamens. Pride of Barbados is extremely solid and blossoms consistently. This plant needs full sun, good drainage and basic to acidic soil.   2. Oleander (Nerium Oleander) – It is an evergreen bush (or little tree) that develops to around Read More…