5 Plants That Thrive In Dark Rooms

Who says that you can’t have plants everywhere in your home? There is no place in your home that can not be turned into a green oasis! Even when there is not enough light, there are certain types of plants that do well in dimly lit rooms while providing a natural setting. Here we will present you Read More…


Learn How To Make Your Own Compost

Every gardener needs to know what compost is and how to make their own compost. Compost is a mixture of various organic wastes processed by microorganisms which plants use as fertilizer. Mature compost contains an average of 0,35% nitrogen, 0.20% phosphorus, 0.25% potassium, 2-3% calcium oxide. All kinds of compost have one thing in common – Read More…

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How To Grow Okra

Okra is a southern U.S. plant that flourishes in warm climate. It is anything but difficult to develop and utilize and looks extraordinary all through the growing season because of its gorgeous blooms. Okra is additionally rich in vitamin A and low in calories. How to plant okra You can start the okra seeds inside Read More…