Advice From The Gardeners: Which Flowers Should Find The Way To Your Home Because Of Their Scent?

The beauty and colors offered by flowers enchant everyone, but the most alluring thing is their smell. There is no one who does not want to feel the gentle scent that comes from flowers in a garden or home. After conducting a survey among gardeners from 20 countries around the world, selected the flowers that have the most beautiful and the most intense aromatic notes between flowers.

These are the flowers that will surely win you over with their scent and may help in choosing the flowers you want to grow:

1. Gardenia

This flower with white petals is selected as the plant with the most beautiful smell. You can grow it anywhere, in cold and tropical landscapes. The smell is most noticeable when the wind blows and it’s raining, because it swirls its scent.

2. Jasmine

The second place belongs to jasmine. The smell of jasmine can be felt far and is often used for aromatherapy with scented oils.

3. Hyacinth

This plant flowers in the spring and you can see it often in blue-purple color, and rarely is available in white and red variant. Except that captivates with its beauty, it has an incredible smell which many adore.

4. Freesia

Freesia is a South African flower, and those with petals in yellow have the most intense smell. They spread delicate fruity fragrance.

5. Rose

The most romantic flower is also among those with the most beautiful smell. Popular around the world and exist in all sizes and colors.