The Most Beautiful Gardens In The World

Gardening is an art form. Worldwide are made a huge number of gardens which are famous for their looks and different types of horticultural plants used to get the required look. They constantly attract attention and of course a huge number of tourists. Here are some of them:

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation – Scotland

This garden, created in 1989  is only open to the public one day a year to visit. Its creation was inspired by mathematics and science. The garden is absolutely unique, will not find anything like this anywhere in the world . When it comes to horticulture used in the design, you will not find some special plants, instead – an original landscaping.

This year it will be open on Sunday 30 April 2017 from 11am-5pm.


Keukenhof Gardens – Netherlands

Here you have the opportunity to see beautiful flowers, something that the Netherlands is known for. Otherwise, it is considered as one of the most popular sites in the country. There are 7 million tulips planted there, and some of them are even totally unique, produced with crossing of the species.


Suan Nong Nooch – Thailand

This garden is really popular among tourists mainly because it offers rarely seen landscape. The space resembles a place from a fairy tale. The site was bought in 1954 by a married couple who then turned the space into a garden which was first opened to the public in 1980.


Versailles – France

Probably the most famous garden in the world was built for Louis XIV. To create this type of garden it took a tremendous job. Namely, the space was previously a forest, and to be transformed completely thousands of people have been engaged. They needed to process the land, to set the plants, and even special kind of soil was brought.


Butchart Gardens – Canada

This is one of the few gardens that can be said to function consistently and worth visiting both in the summer and in the winter. Simply the garden is conceptualized to match her appearance to the seasons and therefore is one of the most famous gardens in the world.