How To Grow Crocus

The crocus is a harbinger of spring which can be found planted in gardens or meadows. The flowers resemble a wine glass and can be white, yellow, purple or two of these colors. The whole plant is about 10 cm high and has a narrow and long leaves that continue to grow even when the flowers wither. Read More…


How To Grow China Aster

This annual plant originated in China (lat. Callistephus chinensis). It begins to bloom in early August and blooms until the first frosts. There are many different species that vary in height and shape of flowers. They may be short (about 20 cm) and to be planted on the edge of the garden or in pots, or high Read More…


DIY Ombre Plant Pot

This spring, why don’t you  try something else with your terracotta pots? For example, you can refresh them by painting them ombre. This style will give your space a delicate, peaceful feel. You will need: White acrylic primer Paintbrush Terracotta pot Acrylic paint Disposable plastic bin large enough to submerge bottom half of pot How Read More…

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