Man Planted Trees On The Same Spot Every Day For 37 Years! The Result Is Astonishing

When he was only a teenager, Jadav “Molai” Payeng made the decision  to make his contribution in helping Mother Nature and started planting trees. Since 1979, he planted the trees next to a deserted sandbar, near his birthplace in the Assam region, India. By doing this, he wanted to oppose people who are cutting trees, while creating a beautiful habitat for wildlife.

What started as sort of a hobby for the young Jadav, later became a project of building his own forest and planting trees. For almost every day for 37 years, the man planted seeds and has successfully built a whole new ecosystem. The forest now approaches a size of 1,360 acres. For comparison, Central Park only has a surface area of 778 acres, so you can imagine how much hard work it took.

Agricultural development and human influence destroyed the natural beauty of his home, but Payeng is doing his part to bring the ecosystem back. He’s a man on a mission! Payeng has a dream to restore his home island of Majuli and neighboring Jorhat with the beautiful forests that once covered them.

The very dedicated Indian arborist has truly built an ecological paradise for wildlife, a fantastic example of how beautiful nature can be. Jadav’s forest is the home to over 115 elephants, a number of rhinos, deer and even a couple of tigers.

Take a look at this VIDEO to see this amazing man and his purpose. True hero!