5 Tips On What Should You Look For In Strawberries At The Market?

Strawberries – the best fruit that announces that the summer days are coming.  But for those who do not know how to choose the right ones, it can only be an average fruit. Rich in antioxidants, magnesium and potassium, but only if you choose the natural and tasty strawberries.

How to recognize the tastiest strawberries?

1. Smell

Ripe and delicious strawberries always have a sweet aroma. Those with the sweetest aroma have less chemicals.

2. Color

Ripe strawberries should be bright red and glossy. White and green parts are a sign of much younger strawberries and you should not buy those, because once they’re picked they don’t ripen.

3. Shape and size

Do not hurry to pick up big strawberries, since they may have been treated with chemicals or are artificially injected for bigger volume. Also, pay attention to the damaged parts. Choose strawberries that have imperfect form and medium size.

4. Leaves

First, avoid strawberries that have no leaves. Second, avoid strawberries with dried leaves and stalks. The leaves should be bright green.

Tip: strawberries that have a small distance from the stalk to the leaves are certainly sweet. If the leaf is attached to the strawberry, it is probably slightly sour.

5. Seeds

Another way to get the sweetest strawberry – the greater the distance between the seeds is, the sweeter the strawberry is. Also, look for those that have the seeds deeper inside the strawberry.