5 Flowers You Should Have In The Bedroom To Fall Asleep Easier

If you have trouble falling asleep and are constantly struggling with insomnia, certain types of flowers can help you fall asleep much easier. And here they are:

1. Sansevieria

The sansevieria constantly lets out oxygen in the air and purifies it. It can live under any lighting, and you should water it every two weeks.

2. Lavender

The scent helps you to relax. All you have to do is provide enough light and water occasionally.

3. Peace Lily

It purifies the air and absorbs harmful substances. You can keep  it  in little light and water once a week, but if you keep it by a window, pour water twice a week.

4. Gardenia

The pleasant fragrance helps you relax. It requires indirect sunlight.

5. Pink jasmine

Not only it looks beautiful, but also relaxes you. It is good to keep it by a window and do not overdo with water.