7 Important Reasons To Use Cinnamon In Your Garden

Cinnamon is a fantastic spice for baking and cooking. But, did you know that you can use it in the garden also?

Here are 6 important uses of cinnamon in the garden:

1. Protect seedlings from disease

The anti-fungal properties in cinnamon, make it an awesome tool for protecting seedlings from decay and disease, otherwise called damping off. Keeping dampness under control is critical, cleaning the seeds with cinnamon and utilizing a doming strategy can protect the seeds until they develop.

2. Heal sick plants

Have a go at sprinkling cinnamon on a plant wound (from cutting or other harm) to accelerate the recuperating process and protect it from further damage of disease.

3. Keep mosquitoes far from the garden

Try sprinkling a bit of cinnamon around your plants to keep mosquitoes and different bugs away. They don’t like the strong smell of cinnamon, so you can enjoy your garden (even during the evening) in peace. On the other hand, you can plant a teabag.

4. Deter ants

Cinnamon will really kill ants. The fine substance will choke out the bugs when it’s breathed in. The scent can likewise make it hard for ants to smell nourishment sources and it’s non-poisonous for children and pets.

5. Root and graft plants

You can make your roses (or different plants) sturdier in the wake of cutting and replanting by first dunking them in cinnamon powder, which works like an rooting hormone, a bit. The cinnamon helps your bloom develop better.

6. Defeat fungus

When you sprinkle ground cinnamon on soil, it kills fungi. The cinnamon targets surface-level fungi, so you may need to use other solutions in addition to this one. You can utilize cinnamon to kill wild mushrooms as well.

7. Help your orchids

Did you know that applying cinnamon to these precious plants can heal wounds and infections, balance moisture difficulties, and treat crown and stem rot? However, if used incorrectly, cinnamon can actually become a danger to your orchids – so it’s important that you follow detailed instructions to make sure you cause your orchids no harm… Watch the video by MissOrchidGirl YouTube Channel bellow! 

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