DIY Window Farm

The fact that you live in a city does not mean that you should not want to, or even have a small, green garden.

There are many people who live in the city and want to grow something of their own, so they rent a piece of land outside the city.

Others have come up with the idea to make a small green paradise out of their window, without even using soil. This trend is also called a window farm. A more professional name is a hydroponic garden. These are plants that are grown only by using minerals and water, without soil.

With this kind of gardening, plants are grown in vertical columns on a window, which have a common supply of water from the same source flowing from top to bottom. You can do this by connecting plastic bottles containing plants between the columns. With the help of pipes and timers you can control the supply of the plants with water.

The water will flow from one container to another. This can also be a very nice decoration for your windows. Plants grown this way, use all the benefits of the sun and have relatively denser leaves than plants grown in soil.

DIY window farms

Window farming is a growing system that takes into account year-round farming in any window. Essentially, the plants catch the regular light and vertically scatters the organic liquid soil all through the levels of plants.

To begin, the materials will cost about $30. The fundamental set up incorporates three bottles that will hold the plants, a bottom reservoir that will catch and hold the water, and tubes so that the water can travel through the system. The water is raised through the tubes by a little air pump, and then the water can trickle down in and out of each plant.


Window farms have been used to grow peppers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, bok choi and butter crunch lettuce to name a few. Root vegetables, however, are not good candidates for the window farm.