Growing Cucumbers In A Barrel – Efficient And Practical

There are various tricks that allow you to grow vegetables even in small space. Thus, in one barrel, you can grow as many cucumbers as on a 3 meter long surface, with much less maintenance, while protecting the fruits of various diseases.

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel:

Put on your land, on the sunny side of one, or several barrels. At the bottom of the barrel, place organic waste: leaves, grass, straw, banana peels and other fruits and vegetables, branches or weeds. Also, use compost. Fill the barrel.


Fill the barrel with a layer of soil, about 10-15 cm thick. Water the soil and immediately plant the cucumber seeds. About 9-10 seeds will be required for one barrel. Plant them  12-15 cm apart. To save heat, cover the barrel with nylon, preferably black, because it draws in the sun’s heat. Or use empty plastic bottles.


The seedlings will thrive, if you provide them with an optimum microclimate with a small container with water in the middle of the barrel, which will be filled with water as needed.

In mid-June, when the weather is warm, the nylon can be removed. Cucumbers will grow and curl around the barrel. In order that the wind does not damage the plant, you can tie the cucumber cuttings with a thin rope. Cucumber care is not demanding. Water them with 5-7 l of water once in 3-4 days, if there is no rain.