Here Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Watermelon Rind And Seeds

watermelon rind

Watermelon rind

The traditional summer fruit is the watermelon. During this time, you can buy juicy watermelons at almost every step. But most people are accustomed to eating only the sweet interior, and to throw the rind.

It is a pity to throw the rind, because in this part of the watermelon there are vitamins B and C, and citrulline. Citrulline turns into arginine, which is very important for the health of the heart and circulation. The most important benefits are:

1. Fights against free radicals

2. It’s great for your libido

3. For weight loss

But be thorough and wash well the watermelon first. You can then mix it and add it to your favorite healthy drinks.

Watermelon seeds

Many people throw watermelon seeds when they eat this fruit, but they should not. The seeds of watermelon are healthy, although you will agree that they are not as delicious as the watermelon. However, nutritionists advise you to eat them along with the fruit because they are rich in proteins, vitamin B, magnesium … These ingredients reduce the level of bad cholesterol, the risk of inflammation and the risk of heart disease.

Seeds of various fruits are generally good for your health, but the seeds of watermelon due to all the nutrients are in some ways a star among the seeds, experts say. Also, nutritionists advise that it is best to eat the seeds of watermelon when it sprouts, since then it is a true protein wealth.

In order to take advantage of the healing properties of the seeds, it is necessary for them to be welded, coated or baked so that you can reach the precious content inside. They contain dietary fiber, necessary for the normal operation of the digestive system, help in the event of intestinal parasites, and for the treatment of sick of jaundice, aquatic diseases and inflammation in the body.

Watermelon seeds, as well as the rind, contain the citrulline substance, which acts as an antioxidant, helps to spread blood vessels, in arteriosclerosis, in high blood pressure and angina pectoris.

American scientists at the beginning of the 20th century wrote that watermelon seeds are very useful for the treatment of kidneys and urinary tract. According to their statements, the use of tea from fresh seeds is a wonderful diuretic and is recommended for removing stones and sand from the kidneys and urinary tract.

Watermelon seeds tea recipe

Take 4 tablespoons of fresh watermelon seeds, crush or grind them. Boil for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water. This quantity is enough for you to drink for two days, and on the third day you will take a brake. This process should be repeated for several weeks in the same order. Two days – drink, the third day – break.