How To Care For Flowers In Fall

With the fall coming soon, some plants from the garden should return home. They need special care and attention at this time. Most plants grown indoors are taken out in the summer in the garden or on the terrace. They feel wonderful in the fresh air. After the weather cools down, we need to take them back inside the house. In about a month indoors, some plants may not look very good.

Camellia and fern, for example, may begin to lose their leaves. The Christmas cactus is likely to flourish in November, the Christmas star (poinsettia) probably has not begun yet. The falling of the leaves of the flowers may be due to several reasons.

The most common of them is the insufficient amount of sunlight, because the days have become shorter. Another possible reason for this is the cold air that attacks the plants every time the door of the room opens.

The source of artificial heating near the flower pot can also lead to this problem. You should remove, preferably all weak twigs, but not more than 1/3 of the leaf mass of the plant. When you transfer the plants, you must check for possible insects and pests. Every second plant suffers from aphids.