Vegetable Seeds To Sow In September


September is harvest time, but it’s also time to plan ahead and start sowing the vegetables that will provide valuable winter harvests and earlier spring and summer pickings. In fall the soil is still warm, so seeds will germinate quickly. If the weather is still fine, the growing season can continue for several weeks.

Here are some vegetable seeds to sow in September

Leafy vegetables

Spring cabbages and spinach can be sown now for pickings next spring. You will need to cover the spinach with fleece from October onwards.

Salad crops

There’s still time to sow salad crops to harvest in the coming months. Sow in a sheltered spot outdoors, or grow in pots. Try mustard leaf, winter salad mixes, mizuna or mibuna. Winter lettuces such as ‘Winter Density’ can be sown under glass.

Broad beans and peas

Sowing in fall means plants can establish over the winter and crop earlier next spring. Broad beans and peas are hardy, but it’s advisable to cover plants with fleece during hard frosts or snow. Try broad bean ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ or pea ‘Feltham First’.


Radishes mature in a mature of weeks, so it’s worth a late batch of seeds now in order to summery salads into fall.


Turnips are another fast-growing crop that can be sown on bare soil in September – they love cool, moist conditions. Harvest as golf-ball sized, baby vegetables in about six weeks.

Onions, shallots and garlic

Planting your onion sets in the fall means you will enjoy earlier crops next year; choose a variety that’s ideal for fall sowing, such as ‘Troy’ or ‘Radar’. Garlic can be sown any time between now and spring.