Muscadine Grapes

How To Grow Muscadine Grapes

Muscadine grapes are delicious eaten straight off the vine or when made into jams, preserves or wine. They are easy to grow and thrive in hot, humid climates. Muscadine grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) are indigenous to the Southeastern United States. Native Americans dried the fruit and introduced it to the early colonists. Growing Muscadine Grapes Muscadine grapevine Read More…

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sweet potatoes

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

An ideal staple crop for those seeking to meet most of their food needs with homegrown produce would be nutrient-dense, offer high yields, and have excellent flavor and storage qualities. A crop that fits this bill perfectly? The sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are more nutritious and store better than any other root crop — they’re Read More…