Mushroom Compost

11 Ways Mushroom Compost Will Improve Your Soil

Mushroom compost is the growing material that’s left over from the process of growing mushrooms on an industrial scale. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘spent mushroom compost’. If it hasn’t yet been used it’ll be called something obvious like ‘unused mushroom compost’. Either way it’s full of nutrients and makes a relatively inexpensive way to improve your Read More…

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7 Fast Growing Trees For Ultimate Privacy In The Garden

1. Eucalyptus Native to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, the rapid growth of the eucalyptus tree is attributed to a survival mechanism which protects young saplings against koalas and other tree munching animals. Free from these indigenous threats, eucalyptus grows swiftly to maturity. In ideal conditions, larger species will climb 6-8 feet yearly, although some Read More…