How to Easily Build A $50 Greenhouse

Tired of the same old tasteless but perfect looking, perhaps genetically modified, products you get from your local supermarket that are supposed to represent your daily intake of vitamins and minerals? If you ever dreamed about living independently then owning a greenhouse is a great leap forward.

Having your own home grown vegetables and greens is surely the way in which you are in control of how natural the food on your plate is in the end. And the fact you could take this path by investing only $50 in your greenhouse it’s amazing!

This is a hoop house green house. The plans included below will produce a 11 feet wide, 15 feet long and 7.5 feet tall finished product. You can of course make this greenhouse as big or small as needed and you can build it for anywhere from $50 – $200.

Not bad considering that the food you produce will be healthier, fresher, more nutrient dense and of course you will know where it’s coming from.

Take a look at the photos provided to picture how it will look in the yard, sparking your journey to an independent lifestyle


Get the full plans for free here


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3 thoughts on “How to Easily Build A $50 Greenhouse

  1. Ron Hird says:

    The material for the cover is the main issue, most of them deteriorate over one season. Are there any available that’ll last for at least a couple of seasons…..or with instructions how to extend their life?

  2. Rodney McRostie says:

    impossible to build one for that price unless you get most of the materials for free as plastic alone which would have to be uv rated or would break down in less then 6 months is over $10 per metre to start with and piping is the same so $200 would even be pushing it .

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