How To Eco-Fit Your Garden

In an extract from his new book, ‘How to Create an Eco Garden’, John Walker explains how to turn an unassuming urban plot into an eco-friendly haven.   What is garden eco-fitting? Eco-fitting is the updating of any existing elements and the addition of new ones that were not there when the garden was originally Read More…

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raised bed soil

Make Your Own Raised Bed Soil

If you have chosen to garden in raised beds, you are all set and it is time to fill the raised beds with fertile soil that will serve as a good growing medium for your garden plants. One option is to buy a good grade of commercial soil, but that will lighten your wallet pretty quickly. Read More…

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Flowers That Don’t Need Deadheading

Deadheading is removing old flower blooms to allow the plant to keep blooming longer.  Many re-blooming plants will just get more and more untidy and stop flowering if the spent flowers are not removed.  So, deadheading is a garden task that occupies a lot of time for most gardeners. Roses are one plant that needs a lot Read More…

tomato crack

What Causes Tomatoes To Split And How To Prevent It

Everyone loves tomatoes. They are great in salads and sauces and even make a great gift. However, with these beautiful and tasty beauties comes a problem. Sometimes, right in the middle of thinking everything is alright with your crop, you’ll find splitting tomatoes or tomato cracking. What causes tomatoes to split? Sometimes, the fluctuation of Read More…

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