Most Common Seed Starting Problems And How To Fix Them

1. Your seeds never germinate Germination problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some of the most common are: Incorrect Temperature. Different seeds have different needs. Cool weather crops such as cabbage, kale or broccoli have a much lower germination temperature while warm weather crops like tomatoes will germinate better with temperatures in the Read More…

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Banana Plant Indoor With A Dwarf Banana Tree

Bananas truly bring a tropical feel to your home, because their foliage gets lush and full, they supply fresh fruit, and they really look like something straight out of Hawaii. In addition to bringing a fresh look to your house, they do well with minimum maintenance, are self-fruitful, so they don’t need a pollinator, and all Read More…


How To Care For Bunny Succulents

Have you ever had or at least wanted to have a bunny for a pet? Now, instead of a pet at home, you can have a plant that looks like a cute bunny. These plants are the succulents that go under the name “Monilaria obconica”, which are known for their unique appearance – they look Read More…

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foliar feeding

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Foliar Feeding

Foliar feeding is a method of fertilizing plants directly. It involves directly spraying nutrients onto the plants leaves and stem where they are absorbed and used. It is considered an almost immediate way to feed your plants. It is becoming very common especially among small gardeners and lawn owners. It has a number of advantages Read More…

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Developing Blight Resistant Potato Species

Industrial agriculture is not just a technical challenge, it hurts the environment too. Researchers in Germany are trying to find other ways to battle with pests, which unlike the pesticides, have less of an ecological impact. Farmer Max Kainz grows potatoes, he works on a research project with the objective to boost their defense mechanism Read More…

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