7 Plants That Will Protect You From Mosquitoes

1. Garlic This twofer protects you against more than one type of bloodsucker. Keep vampires and mosquitoes away by planting garlic in your garden or in herb pots set around your favorite outdoor area. 2. Peppermint Peppermint smells, well, minty. This scent is unpopular among the creepy-crawly families, and ants and mosquitoes steer clear. Even Read More…

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A Plant That Prevents Snoring And Cleans The Air In The Room – To Help You Deal With Your “Noisy” Partners

The pineapple-plant is a plant that can change the way of sleep and help people to snore less, have better rest, and healthier sleep. Snoring can endanger the health of the person who snores, but also the partner, and as a consequence, the disrupted relations are often also a consequence. The causes of snoring can be colds, Read More…

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How To Take Christmas Cactus Cutting

Part of the epiphytic cacti family, Christmas Cactus is the most commonly known name for them. They are a striking and exotic looking type of houseplant and the botanical name is ‘Schlumbergera’. They produce red, pink, white or purple flowers from around November and often well into January which is where the name ‘Christmas Cactus’ derives Read More…


Caress Your Plants To Activate Their Defense Mechanisms

Botanists have discovered that gently rubbing the foliage between a thumb and forefinger helps to activate plants’ defense mechanisms, helping to improve their ability to resist disease. Many gardeners, including Prince Charles, already extol the benefits of talking to their plants as a way of encouraging them to grow. While the scientific evidence for the Read More…

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