Inspiration: A Small Garden Of Herbs And Spices That Can Be Grown At Home (PHOTO)


If you are a passionate fan of cooking, it is very likely that you always want to have a wide range of herbs and spices at home or just want to enjoy the beauty of the greenery.

Now you can have a little garden in your home. Here are some ideas:

You just do not always have to go to the closest store when you need dill or a basil. You can grow them at home also.  This will not take much time or effort. Herbs and spices are very simple to grow and do not require much attention from you.

You can store them at home or out on the balcony or in the yard, depending on where you live. You need only small pots in which you put a few seeds in the ground.

Herbs do not require much water and need only moderate amount of daylight. You can place them on the kitchen window. Green will relax you while cooking.

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Or of course you can beautify the yard in the summer and relax with the gaze that you will have every time you drink your morning coffee or the evening cocktail together with your friends.

Here are some interesting places to place your herbs and enjoy the view


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