5 Of The Most Resistant Houseplants, Suitable Even For Those Of You Without Green Fingers


If you are one of those who have managed to kill even a cactus, give yourself another chance. Bring some greenery in your house, and here, we suggest 5 plants that even you can not kill:


Ferns are a great option for the home. In the wild they grow in wet and dark areas, making them an excellent home-grown plant. They thrive in rooms where there is not much natural light, and because they love humidity, you can freely put one in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They also look great like hanging plants due to decorative leaves.


Aerial flowers from the Bromelia family

As the name suggests, this group of plants do not need any special care to survive, except the air surrounding them. They look great on their own, but they also serve as an excellent decoration in terrariums. Instead of watering, it is best to spray them from time to time using spray bottle.



Cacti in any form are incredibly easy to maintain. They require very little water and are happy both under direct and exposed under indirect sunlight.



Cacti belong precisely to this group of plants that absorb water in their petals and thanks to this ability they can survive for a very long time.

Succulents want heat, but they also tolerate colder rooms. Note that succulents in red and purple want more light than those whose leaves are gray or green.


Indoor palm

If you want exotic and tropical-looking house, you will not be wrong if you choose indoor palm trees. They don’t need direct light and very often watering. They are great for larger spaces as well as corridors, because they reach a rather massive size.