Indoor Plant Temperature Guide

Most plants grown indoors are native to tropical or sub-tropical countries where conditions are considerably and consistently warmer than what most of our gardens experience. This makes the temperatures within certain rooms in our homes a perfect match for them to grow well. Most plants: You will find most house plants grow at their best between temperatures Read More…

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How To Care For Coral (Christmas) Berry

What makes Christmas berry a great plant is how it flowers during summer and then produces the berries, making it a lively and attractive shrub. It’s a slow grower and fairly easy to grow, with the right attention and care. It originates from East Asia. Christmas berry description The Christmas berry is a shrub that Read More…

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Top 8 Vegetables To Grow Over Winter

Winter vegetable growing allows you to extend the season and many vegetables that can be grown in winter will produce earlier crops than spring plantings. If you were really organised in late spring/ early summer then you will have already grown some winter vegetable plants such as Winter Cabbage, Kale and Brussels Sprouts. These will Read More…


Saving Seed Tips

For germination, the seed requires moisture, heat and oxygen and as a fourth, some seeds especially fine, small seeds, also require light, like lettuce for instance, but that’s not the case with all seeds. But all seeds do need moisture, heat, and oxygen.  If you restrict those, you can store seed for long periods and the classic way of Read More…

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My passion for trees – A New Documentary By Dame Judi Dench

“My life now is just trees, isn’t it,” says Judi Dench. “Trees and, erm, champagne.” Judi Dench’s Secret Woodland lies by her home in Surrey and holds special significance for the actress. Many of the trees were planted by Dench herself and her husband Michael Williams who died in 2001 ( there’s a tree here in his memory.). There Read More…