6 Reasons Of Key Importance Why To Start Your Backyard Garden Today


Backyard gardens are relatively small areas around homes we use to grow food for ourselves and the family. The practice has been going on for ages. Here are some tips for you:

1. Gardening is a very good physical and mental exercise

The experts say, gardening activities like soil preparation, planting, removal of weeds, watering, etc. engage most of your body muscles and are very good exercises. Gardening engages your mind too. They say, gardening 45 minutes early mornings each day before any other work, prepares you physically and mentally like 30 minutes of aerobics.

2. Gardening makes good use of space and protects the soil

We use the soil space around the house to plant a garden that gives all the benefits stated above and the one below. Plus, when we cover the soil with beneficial cover crops, erosion is reduced and regular bush growth around the house is minimised.

3. Supplements family budgets

Many families’ expenditure on food is greatly reduced. These are families that actively grow home gardens and they are able to cut down expenditure on food to about 40%. Adding to this is the quality they are assured of. This has been a major incentive for many to plant home gardens in many households. Some families only need to buy cooking oil and spices and the rest comes from their gardens.

4. Entertainment, fulfilment and creativity

The one having the experience can well explain this point. It is a good feeling. Try it. Gardening is a source of entertainment and really brings out lots of creativity in you. The art of planting various crops in the soil, nurturing them and watching them grow by the day and finally so see them blossom into fruits, is such a good feeling. You would be proud to say at the dining table, “this food is from my garden”.

5. Year-round food availability from gardens

Since gardens are relatively small in land size, irrigation is easier and so continuous food supply through the seasons. Try it.

6. Source of fresh and organic food

Who wouldn’t chose fresh and organic food?. Home gardens are very manageable and usually, in cases of insects and disease control, organic means could easily be applied. It is very important when you are very sure and have total control over the quality of food produced. You can’t be so sure of what is out there. Take advantage of that.

Source: agrihomegh.com