10 Ideas For The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Gardener Friends


1. Practical tools

Those who spend time working with their hands know the importance of good tools. You can go with galvanized steel watering cans, shears, hand trowel, rake, hose and even wheelbarrows.

2. Gathering basket

Every gardener needs gardening basket. You can choose different shapes, materials and sizes. You can even make an interesting gift with the tools put inside it. Your friends will really appreciate it!


3. Hanging garden signs

These signis make a point of adding some unexpected humor to a garden, front porch… You can choose signs that are personalized ( mom’s garden, emily’s happy place), signs that say –welcome, or other that points to the garden, or even the ones with clever and funny remarks or gardening rules.

4. Mugs or shirts

The gardeners in your life will have a good lough for sure if you give them an item which they can use every day with some funny gardening quote.

5. Seeds and bulbs

You seriously cannot go wrong with buying a gardener seeds. They’re great stocking stuffers, or entire sets of them make a great present on its own.

6. Grow kit – cocktail or salsa

If this is not the perfect gift, I don’t know what is… Just don’t forget to remind your friends to make a party with the final product 🙂








7. Succulent pots and plants

They are often given only as housewarming gifts, plants and planters are perfect any time of the year for plant lovers. Of all the plants out there at the moment, succulents are some of the most popular. They come in dozens of varieties and will happily make a home in most planters. Besides, everybody loves them, how could you go wrong?

8. More growing space

No matter how small or large our gardens are, we always want a bit more space. You don’t have to buy more land to give your pal a larger growing area though — give them the gift of vertical gardening.

9. Boots

10. Labeling supplies

like jumbo craft sticks and permanent markers. These last just long enough out in the garden and then start to fall apart in the fall. You can get some nicer metal ones, but they are more expensive and once to write on them (much more fun).

Whatever you choose, it will be perfect because the thought you’ve put in your present. Happy holidays!!!

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