Essential Indoor Gardening Tips You Should Know

There are some factors you need to consider before starting an indoor garden. 1. Available space While deciding on a suitable space for indoor plants, consider access to natural light and avoid high traffic areas such as corridors or entryways. You do not want to keep bumping into potted plants or having to go around Read More…

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You Should Be Cleaning The Leaves Of Houseplants To Keep Them Healthy

A layer of dust on the leaves of your houseplants will block sunlight and reduce the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Photosynthesis is how the plant feeds itself. Without it, you ‘ll have a stressed plant. A clean plant that’s photosynthesizing at optimal levels will be a healthier plant and healthy plants don’t get diseases and pest infestations as Read More…

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How To Propagate Houseplants

Well grown mature houseplants are relatively inexpensive to buy and generally easy to come buy, so why do people go through the effort of trying to propagate them? The main reason is that although plants can be cheap to buy, they’re usually even cheaper to propagate. There is also a sense of accomplishment when you succeed  and Read More…

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7 Ways To Recycle Your Coffee Grounds Into Your Garden Soil – Richer Soil And Happier Plants

The next time you finish your morning coffee, think twice before you toss those used coffee grounds into the trash. Coffee grounds have many uses in the garden. They enrich the soil with nitrogen, potassium and other minerals, improve soil quality, and plant growth. 1. Composting Add coffee grounds to your composting bin. They’re a Read More…

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8 Seed-Starting Tips

1. Keep records to allow for better planning An often overlooked aspect of plant propagation is the art of record keeping. Whether you are producing a few plants for your home flower and vegetable gardens or working at a larger-scale nursery, developing a propagation journal will prove indispensable. Here at the Center for Historic Plants, Read More…

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The Basics Of Over-Wintering Plants

Here are some tricks to help you protect your special plants and those that are marginally hardy. 1. Over-Wintering Plants in Containers One of the biggest winter headaches is what to do with potted containers. Plants that are at least 2 zones hardier than your growing zone should be able to survive the winter outdoors in containers. Read More…