Fertilize A Tomato Plant Using A Whole Egg And A Banana


The garden hack, by YouTube user Gary Pilarchik, shows how to fertilize a tomato plant using the seemingly odd materials of a whole banana and an egg. The trick is very cool and requires very little effort.

Surprisingly, rather than planting with a pack of compost, dropping in an egg and a banana into your opening will help your plant develop as well.Over time, the egg and banana deteriorate destitute, and the greater part of their sugars and supplements get consumed by the dirt, and after that by the plant.

The egg and banana blend give only the appropriate measure of fixings that you would require from locally acquired fertilizer.

Pilarchik is a tomato and vegetable gardening expert. His blog, The Rusted Vegetable Garden, provides tips and tricks for everything related to gardening, from seed starting to harvesting. His YouTube channel is also a great resource, containing more than 400 videos that cover everything from how to battle garden pests to what alternative fertilizers are effective.

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Source: diyeverywhere.com

Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) YouTube Channel

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