Grow Green Onions In Your Kitchen


Growing green onions is not a difficult task at all, if you are ready to spend some time and effort into it. The major factor that makes green onions a favourite is that it can grow in any climate and space. No matter if it is a spacious yard, a balcony or just a window bay, green onions grow well with least care. It will grow even in a bottle of water, so that you can keep it inside your kitchen as a source of a healthy salad and as a green decor.

Choose a type

Select the type of onion that you prefer, depending on your choice. It can be red, white or yellow onion “sets”. No matter what the type is, they will give good green onion growth, even in the indoors.

Select your pot

You can plant green onions either in pots or in bottles, depending on your convenience and availability of space. While pot needs soil, bottle can give good growth just only with water. Also, consider the amount of green onions that you want to harvest.

Prepare the soil

Use soil with added compost to ensure a better growth. After filling the pot, water it well to ensure a good hydration. Make sure that you are using pots that can drain water well to ensure a proper growth environment for the green onions.

Plant the sets

Plant the onions root side down in such a way that each onion is 1-inch deep. Remember to give a space of 1 1/2 – 2 inches apart, so that they can grow well. Keep the pot where there is direct sunlight. This is one of the tips to grow green onions in your kitchen.

Sunlight and water in its optimum level is important for the growth of green onions. Keep the plant near a window side to ensure direct sunlight. Also, avoid over watering the plant, as this can harm the growth. Water only once in a few days or when the soil seems to be dry.


Harvest the product of your effort when they are 6-8 inches tall. The green tops will again emerge and grow within a few days. You can use a scissors to cut the green tops, so that the bulb will continue to grow.

Growing green onions in a glass jar is a good option when you are concerned of limited space and care. Avoid tinted glasses to ensure proper sunlight. Fill the jar with enough water to cover the white part of the onions.