6 Tips For Replanting Your Kitchen Scraps To Grow A New Crop


1. Collect scraps

Step 1 in this adventure is collecting kitchen scraps to use to start new plants. Some of the more common foods to use are green onions, celery, romaine lettuce, bok choy, and garlic. To see which other foods can be grown this way, read this article.

2. Soak in water

The second step is to take the plant part where new roots/shoots will form — typically the base of many plants — and soak it in a bowl or glass with fresh water. In about 1-2 weeks you will see roots start to sprout and new shoots growing out of the base of the plant. Make sure to change the water every couple of days to keep it from getting slimy.

3. Plant in soil

After baby roots have started to form, and the plant is developing new shoots it’s time to move the plant from the water to a pot. Using fresh potting soil bury the plant so the new shoots are the only plant material peeking out. The roots and base should be fully under the soil surface.

4. Water

After planting in potting soil, it’s important to water your plants but not let them become waterlogged and soggy. Overwatering can cause the plants to start to rot under the soil surface. A spray bottle works well to mist them lightly every day if you have the tendency to be heavy handed with water.  Overwatering can really hurt the plant. 

5. Be patient

Unfortunately, this isn’t a quick process. It can take months for your veggies to grow big enough to harvest edible portions. But be patient, because it will be worth the time and effort!

6. Harvest

When your plants are finally mature enough and have reached the desired size, it’s time to harvest! Cut off what you need using clean sharp scissors and enjoy!

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