Gardening With Allen: 8 New Vegetables Win AAS Awards


Eight new vegetables have been given awards for 2018 by All-America Selections, the independent trialing organization.

Sweet corn American Dream was the top choice of the new winners. It is a midseason bicolor corn with tender, super sweet kernels that is rated to mature in 70 days (probably more like 85 days in our cool climate.) Vigorous, healthy plants grow 6 to 7 feet tall.

Pak Choi Asian Delight is a Chinese cabbage or Chinese celery that outperforms comparable varieties. It is very resistant to bolting and was harvestable long after other varieties have gone to seed. Asian Delight forms small to midsize (5 to 7 inch) heads that have a tasty, tender white rib and dark green, textured leaves.

Three new tomatoes have won AAS awards. Tomato Chef’s Choice Red produces globe-shaped, tomato-red beefsteak type tomatoes. This firm-fleshed delicacy has just the right balance of acid to sugar. It produces a prolific yield of 8-ounce fruits on strong, 5-foot indeterminate vines.


Chef’s Choice Red Tomato

Red Racer, a cocktail size tomato, produces small, uniform fruits with a great taste. Two ounce fruits are larger than cherry or grape tomatoes. Compact determinate (bush-type) plants produce a huge yield 7 to 10 days earlier than the comparisons and are ideal for small space and container gardens.

Red Racer Tomato

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