Try This Easy Method To Get An Endless Supply Of Potatoes At Home

Start one tower in spring to have potatoes through the summer, another in the summer to last until autumn, and a final one in late summer to get you through to early winter. These towers keep warm and moist up until November. Follow these simple steps.

1. Build your tower

Take your fencing and create an upright cylinder that is about 2-3 feet in diameter.

2. Line the tower with straw

Fill the bottom of the tower with straw, then fill it up with about a foot of soil. Place your seed potatoes about 3-4 inches from the edge, about 6 inches apart from one another.

3. Fill it to the top

Continue layering the tower with straw, soil, and potatoes until you’ve filled it up to the top.

4. Water your tower

Keep your potato tower soil moist, but not oversaturated. In about three months you’ll be ready to reap the benefits!

5. Tear down your tower

Begin tearing your tower down from the bottom up. Reach in and begin grabbing your potatoes, then carefully take the others as you make your way through the rest of the soil and hay.

Check out the video bellow.


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